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Instagram Partners with @YLAC India To Promote Well-being

Posted on June 11, 2018

Continuing our commitment to wellbeing around the world, Instagram has partnered with @YLAC India, Young Leaders for Active Citizenship, to create over 50 Counter-Speech fellowships for teens in New Delhi and Mumbai.

The Counter-Speech fellowships equip teens to use social media to create awareness around challenges related to mental wellbeing, body positivity, bullying, embracing diversity and countering violent extremism.

In addition to empowering teens to advocate for change within their communities, the fellowship also teaches teens to use Instagram’s unique platform to encourage peer to peer support.

To celebrate #SaferInternetDay, we paired teens with public figures including policy makers, activists, journalists and popular Indian creators to talk about creating safer spaces both online and in real life. Here are some examples.

The Counter-Speech Fellowship program, started in 2017 in New Delhi and Mumbai, will be expanding to Kolkata and Bangalore later this year.

Instagram is proud of our partnership with Young Leaders for Active Citizenship and proud to be part of the important and fast-moving debate about the impact of social media on well-being.